A new computer can be daunting, but our one-on-one training sessions can give you the confidence to get the most out of your system! Our sessions are completely tailored to you, delivered the way that works for you – bite-size sessions or longer training days. Trish can accommodate task-specific sessions like “How do I publish my Christmas Newsletter” and “Show me how to build a budget”. Perhaps you’d like us to show the kids how to create knockout assignments, or build your resume. Anything you want to learn, Trish can develop a session to suit.

Trish has worked with Microsoft to develop training sessions for Windows, Microsoft Office and SharePoint. She can get you from no knowledge at all to working in the product of your choice very quickly. She has also worked with a number of other vendors to create training sessions for their software for delivery to individuals and classrooms.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to get onto FaceBook or Twitter or Instagram. Maybe you just want to learn how to do some online shopping, or optimize your google searches? Do you want to learn to use eBay? Anything at all you want to know about software, hardware or anything technical.

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