Tink-Tech is a collaborative effort between 3 techs in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. We have a wide coverage on both sides of the Huon. Between us, we have in excess of 50 years experience in Information Technology, Electronics and Technical Training.


Craig Tinkler, Managing Partner

Craig is a coder by trade, specialising in corporate web development and project management. Craig has worked in Brisbane, London, and now Tasmania. He is a musician so has a unique passion for music technology. He is also an amateur astronomer, and has configured telescopes to be managed by ipads and home computers. He loves remote controlled planes and helicopters, and is most knowledgable about flight simulators and RC configuration. Craig has a knack for automating general hobbies, so have a chat to him about your ideas for taking your hobby to the next level.

Contact: [email protected]


Trish Tinkler, Managing Partner

Trish has recently moved to Tasmania from London where she provided technical support and software training for a leading trading floor. She is a writer and blogger who can help you access new avenues of business exposure through social media. She has a knack for tech writing, so if you need processes documented then Trish is your best choice. Trish has spent the last 6 years helping people run their lives remotely with their mobile devices. Trish is an avid crafter and gamer, so have a chat to her about how technology can help with your day-to day.

Contact: [email protected]


Gareth Edwards

Gareth is a hardcore gamer on multiple platforms; the number 1 rank in Tasmania and has been number 4 in Australia. He has spent time as a professional gamer and can help take your game to the next level. His specialty is xBox technology (but covers ALL consoles) and he is our go-to guy for new gadgets. Gareth has a knack for home entertainment, so if your requirement is an in-home cinema, gaming system or console setup, then have a chat to Gareth. He is also an astronomer, and has extensive experience in mobile devices.

Contact: [email protected]

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